For the perfect year round entertaining area. Blocks out wind, rain direct sunlight and helps keeps your entertaining area looking stylish and modern. Stay warm in winter with those chilly winds being a thing of the past and you no longer have to worry about leaves and dirty being blown into your entertaining area. We customize the blinds to match the design of your layout.  

Choose from an arrangement of colours to suit your aesthetic needs. With the options to pick from Shade , Full Block or Canvas, you can find the right combination to give you anywhere from a bright open entertaining area, to something more secure and private. 

Ziptrack is a local Australian owned & invented company that supplies Outdoor & Indoor Blinds that are easy to use while giving excellent protection from the elements.


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Visiontex™ Plus

Flexibility without compromise
Heavy gauge 2×2 yarn offers great versatility for all your outdoor window solutions. Peace of mind self-extinguishing fire resistance and high abrasion capabilities with a 5 year warranty so you know it works.

Visiontex™ Ultra